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11DBHK's rants

Post  Jio Freed on Wed Nov 19, 2008 6:33 pm

NOTE 1: The old topic was deleted because I hit 'post' when about 5% of the way in, didn't realize it, and kept on FARKING TYPING. This is the REAL DEAL.

NOTE 2: This is not to you, the person reading this. You are cool, have good suggestions, constructive criticism, etc. This is to 'that other guy'. You know who I'm talking about. Yeah. Shoot, I'm wrong ALL THE TIME, but I man up to it, AFTER the research is done. This is the research you should have done.

The following treatise takes time out of my busy-ass schedule to make this game better, pay for my farking debt, and make my world a better freaking place. I am doing so as a personal favor to a good friend of mine, who is constantly beset on all sides by a bunch of, as far as I can tell, farking crybabies. As such, I will explain the following:

1- Being Invaded isn't the end of the world.

2 - The Claymore costs only 1.4 million Ryo, a price I find reasonable.


This is really short. Stop crying. If you get hit every 5 minutes by 40 Villages with Claymores, it doesn't matter, you can still thrive.

- wait.
- get hit. over and over.
- if necessary, go into peacetime, and build the home-grown resources required to fulfill the requirements of the upgrade you wish.
- prepare.
- land spies.
- save up Ryo on players themselves.
- switching attack focus with items, and using your best players, hit multiple villages that are flush with Resources, until you have reached the required resources needed for the upgrade you wish. The most important upgrades - ones necessary to the enjoyment of the village - require no more than 5 resources of each type that cannot be locally produced.
- buy the upgrade.

"But 11, I wants to chain-fire at monsters! That's the only thing that matters to me! Guwaaah!"

NO. You want monsters? Pick one:

A. go into peacetime. load resources. summon monsters. fight them.
B. wait for them to come at dayroll.
C. wait until the recode, when they don't cost resources any more. NOTE: there are other options here, so you don't HAVE to wait until it is done.
D. cry - but not to me or mine. Know, as you cry, that A and B are options, and you are CHOOSING not to take them.


The Claymore.

Now. follow me here. This is Math. MATH. This is if tickets were TRULY random - the worst possible situation.

20 spots. pick three. ALL tickets have at least 3 Billies on them.
picking that first spot correctly: 3 in 20.

Think about it. 20 spots, 3 have Billy. 3 in 20. Got it?

then, the next: 2 in 19. 2 left with billy, out of 19.

then the next: 1 in 18.

1 in 1140.

Now, on top of that, Picking the bonus spot. 1 in 5.
1 in 5700.

OMG, you say. 1 in 5700.


BUT WAIT, I say.

Legacy sees the Billy in the special row. that gets rid of the 1 in 5.
final chances: 1 in 1140.

WhiteEye shows you the x1s. not as good, but still makes it 1 in 3, not 1 in 5.
final chances: 1 in 3420.

RedEye. If it shows you a Billy, then you only need to pick 2 Billies out of 19.
1 in 1 (the first Billy)
2 in 19 (the second)
1 in 18 (the third)
1 in 5 (the bonus spot)
= 1 in 855.

If it shows you a non-billy, well pardner, now you only have 19 spots to guess from.
3 in 19
2 in 18
1 in 17
1 in 5
= 1 in 4845.

3 out of 20 times, you see a billy. 17, you see a non-billy.
15% billy, 85% nonbilly.
((855*15) + (4845*85))/ 100.
final chances: 1 in 4246.5.

The Claymore Loops. So does your Ryo. So , you go for it as a Legacy, and pay cost of ticket (1200) * 1140 = less than 1.4M Ryo for the Item.

"But 1.4M? that'll take a month!"

Who cares? It's a super-high end item, and you can make that money, with your Village help, in no time at all. On top of that,look at every other bull-crap free browser mob game out there. The PimpOTron 5000 De-liteXDXD6 armor costs TRILLIONS of HOOPTYBUX or WHATEVER THE FARK THEY USE IN THOSE GAMES, and those players are fine with it. You wanna be a Big Dog? Pay up. It ain't easy bein' cheesy.

TOTALLY worth it. Not to mention the following 2 things:

1: You are making Ryo and shinines that make you Ryo All along the way (do the math yourselves on them)
2: YOU don't need a Claymore. SOMEONE IN YOUR VILLAGE does. one person. TWO, if you are crazy. That cuts the cost by a factor of 25 to 50.

That's 28,000 per Villager for one of you to get it. 56K if you want two.

Jesus. That is a FREAKING BARGAIN. Grow up.


You want everything on a silver platter. Fine. Let's play the BILLY MAKES YOU THE WINNER GAME.

It's voice-activated.


There's, it's on.

Step 1: Say your character name.

Go on, do it.

Step 2: say your password. whisper it, so the cats don't hear.

Step 3:

Push the button below:


DING DING DING! You've got EVERY ITEM in the GAME! Everyone who is playing it loves you and thinks you are TEH WINRAR.

Oh wait, it is just you playing? So it doesn't matter?

Choose one:
A. Quit.

See how there was no 'C' there? That's because C is "Fail to do SIMPLE ASS MATH yourself and cry like a whiny ass titty baby at 11, or 11's friends that you know will talk to him, about STUPID. CRAP."

That option isn't there.


Becuase FARK YOU, that's why.



THIS is why there is going to be a Council. So I do't have to do things like this so I can sleep at night.

Saving McM's rant. I don't get to see many of them due to school Razz .


Why don't you click this and play? I promise it's not a Rickroll.
Please consider joining Mugiwara Village or Lucky Village if you click the above URL.

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